Villa Trisano’s Cantinone previewed at Cheese 2021

Villa Trisano’s Cantinone previewed at Cheese 2021

The Cantinone of Villa Trisano: Cheesed to meet you!

Cheese is a biennial event that we never miss. This year will address the difficulties being faced but this does not mean it will be a less interesting or content-rich edition.

Being present at Cheese testifies to the attention that Selecta has long paid to the dairy world, teaming up with the brands and NonToccatemiIlFormaggio with a range of quality products but above all, a philosophy, a set of values, a deep and continuous commitment – that of promoting the culture of cheese. This commitment is reflected in the focus on raw milk products and the cheesemakers dedicated to producing and refining cheeses so that they may reach the tables of discerning consumers with a perfect degree maturation and maximum flavour.

This culture is also supported with great determination by Slow Food, which is committed to the protection of quality artisan cheeses, the knowledge of cheesemakers, natural production and respect for animal welfare.

In full compliance with this philosophy, our presence at the most important international event dedicated to raw-milk cheeses and milk rounds is linked to that of Gian Domenico Negro, a protagonist to be found in Piazza Roma in Bra, Stand CA28.

Cheese 2021 is the ideal stage to showcase an ambitious project, with the presentation of the Cantinone di Villa Trisano, for the ageing and maturing of cheeses selected by Gian Domenico Negro exclusively for Selecta.

The selection made for Selecta by the well-known affineur starts with the realisation that many Italian dairy treasures, hailing from grazing livestock, need to be properly exalted.

Hence comes the idea of restoring a historical structure and dedicating it exclusively to the refinement and maturing of cheeses from small farmer-cheesemakers, helping to safeguard ancient production and maturing techniques.
The Cantinone di Villa Trisano was built at the end of the 19th century at the behest of Luigi Trisano who, fascinated by the studies conducted by Professor Ilya Mechnikov on intestinal flora, decided to devote this structure to the production of yoghurt which, at that time, was completely unknown to Italy. The Cantinone di Villa Trisano thus became the first yoghurt production facility in Italy and, thanks to the ideal conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation, soon also became a place for the production of hard cheeses, including the famous Bra.

All that is left to do is to shine light on this interesting project and discover pastures of a different green, under different skies, well represented by the cheeses aged in the Cantinone di Villa Trisano.