The In The Kitchen Tour stops in Rome … and Selecta is there!

The In The Kitchen Tour stops in Rome … and Selecta is there!

On Monday, 15th September, the In The Kitchen Tour returns to Rome, at the Fattoria di Fiorano, for a stop entirely dedicated to pizza. Pizza and cuisine, two expressions of our country’s tradition, culture and biodiversity; two worlds that, until a few years ago, were considered parallel yet which today are increasingly intertwined, leading to significant collaborations and new winning restaurant formats.

The event, conceived by the CHIC Charming Italian Chefs Association, will – as always – be an opportunity for chefs and exhibiting companies to meet and compare notes on entwining experiences, tastes, techniques and flavours as the leitmotif of the event that will take place at the Fattoria di Fiorano.

On this prominent stage, Selecta will offer a selection of ingredients of unquestionable value, created by the skilful hands of exceptional producers. Amongst the cheese treasures presented by Enrico Panzarasa, Selecta’s Head of Cheese, will be Robiola di Roccaverano BIO DOP, Blu del Monviso, L’Etivaz, Blu della Lessinia and Tibert.

In addition to delicious cheeses, some excellences from the Italian pork tradition shall be presented, including Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP from, guanciale from Podere Cadassa, as well as mild to spicy Soppressata. A prestigious showcase for our Prosciutto di San Daniele, created exclusively for Selecta by a producer in San Daniele who selects, salts and processes the best legs from hefty pork in terms of weight and marbling.

Improvisation, creativity and top-quality ingredients are the unfailing hallmarks of this event, which continues to be a great success.