Selecta’s Primizie at SIGEP 2020

Selecta’s Primizie at SIGEP 2020

From 18th to 22nd January, Selecta stands alongside its partners, ready to greet you at Sigep, the international trade fair for gelato products, pâtisserie, artisan bakery goods and coffee.

In catering, pâtisserie goods are of paramount importance due to their role in crowning a meal. Indeed, all efforts in the kitchen are meaningless if the dinner ends with a dessert that does not live up to what came before. Selecta’s commitment to expanding its pastry division with superior quality ingredients, as well as its investment in guaranteeing dedicated training and consultancy activities for its customers, testify to the company’s great attention paid to this sector, striving to meet the needs of the best restaurants.

Selecta staff will be at the Valrhona Stand (Hall B3 – Stand 040), where there will be conversations, tastings and in-depth discussions. Sigep has always been a key appointment for Valrhona, as a place to meet and compare notes but also a lively succession of events, competitions and gatherings, many of them sponsored by our prestigious partner.

To render the Valrhona stand even more welcoming and mouth-watering, there will be an area dedicated to the La Rose Noire bases ready to be filled, with a range of tartlets, cones and baskets created by the famous Swiss Pastry Chef Gerard Dubois, arising from the range of the best ingredients to ensure excellent taste and a crunchy texture.

Selecta’s partners at Sigep will include Sosa Ingredients (Hall B3 – Stand 076) and Elle&Vire (Hall B5 – Stand 074). For both, Sigep is a place to launch new products, to meet with customers and to inspire professionals.

Sweet moments and delicious discoveries await you at the 41st edition of Sigep – don’t miss it.