Selecta at Identità Golose 2021

Selecta at Identità Golose 2021

Identità Golose represents an occasion to meet and liaise in a context in which we have been protagonists since the event’s debut. But above all, it represents the long-awaited opportunity to start anew – not that we ever stopped or gave up. Rather, we continued to look towards the future with confidence, putting people and our profession at the heart of everything.

This commitment was not made merely in words but through conscious choices, witnessed by the close collaborations with chefs so that they may always count on our support, our advice and the in-depth training we organise to provide them with extra care. Together with our clientèle, overcoming the difficult situation triggered by the pandemic is the challenge we have set ourselves from the very beginning. This is why we have continued to be operational, in compliance with the protocols issued to face the health emergency, guaranteeing all employees and colleagues the security of a job, to enable them to build a new future, following the fil rouge of the Identità Golose 2021.

We have shown the same sense of responsibility towards small, family-run partner companies that have had to cope with a drop in sales, with the risk of wiping out months of hard work, exertion and sacrifice. Identità Golose 2021 shall thus be an opportunity to talk precisely about our partners and their products, welcoming chefs and industry professionals to our stand.

There will also be in-depth talks and tastings with the intention of continuing to stimulate the creative vocation of the Chefs. Each day, a themed tasting is planned, ranging from the “Kingdom of the Two Sicilies” to the “Ancient Duchy of Savoy”, via the “Po Valley”.
This represents an important opportunity to preview new products and to talk about the new “Punto Zero” line of cured meats launched by Podere Cadassa and the new Cantinone di Villa Trisano project, for maturing cheeses selected by Giandomenico Negro exclusively for Selecta. Hence, we are truly excited about this triumphant return.