Between taste and solidarity: Selecta amongst the protagonists of Materia

Between taste and solidarity: Selecta amongst the protagonists of Materia

On 30th September, ItaliaSquisita celebrates haute cuisine at the Hotel LaSUITE in Matera, with a high-profile charity party and many protagonists including chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, pizza makers and mixologists. An event rich in gastronomic surprises in the European capital of culture.

Following the Spezial Party in Rome and after celebrating La Meglio Gioventù della Ristorazione Italiana in Milan (The Best Youth of Italian Catering in Milan), ItaliaSquisita returns to exalt contemporary gastronomy and charity in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities.

For this occasion, chefs, bakers, pizza makers, pastry chefs and mixologists shall come together at the Mater(i)a party-event held at the newly-opened Hotel LaSUITE in Matera. Serving prestigious names in Italian cuisine will be Le Primizie from Selecta with Premium Shellfish scallops interpreted by Chef Andrea Berton, the  La Piemontese Cuore di Tenerone (Heart of Tenderloin) as protagonist of Chef Angelo Sabatelli’s dish, the Frisian Animelle di Vitello (Veal Sweetbreads) enhanced by Chef Domenico Schingaro, and Levantina Fish Sea Bream exalted by the skill of Chef Stefano Di Gennaro.

This unique event brings together almost 30 interpreters of gourmet and Michelin cuisine, accompanied by the historical tradition of Basilicata, along with young up-and-coming chefs, united to elevate quality ingredients and innovative techniques.

All proceeds shall be donated to the social projects of the Gaetano Bertini Malgarini Onlus Foundation.