Trento, the last stop for Passione Gourmet 2022

Trento, the last stop for Passione Gourmet 2022

Winter and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner and Selecta is ready to welcome them with the last Passione Gourmet event of 2022 set for Monday, 14th November in the Alpine setting of Italy’s most sustainable city: Trento.

At Passione Gourmet, in addition to the opportunity to taste a vast assortment of excellences, the chefs and all invited catering professionals will have the opportunity to exchange views with partner suppliers and Selecta’s division managers, sealing this moment of dialogue and tasting in the name of sharing gastronomic knowledge.

Amongst the partner suppliers who will be present throughout the day are:

  • Compagnia del Montale with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P.
  • Tenute del Cavaliere with their hand-crafted organic tomato preserves.
  • Podere Cadassa with the grand cured meats of the Emilian custom;
  • Rafols with traditional Icelandic cod;
  • Valrhona with a broad selection of couverture chocolates;

If Passione Gourmet is about tasting and discovery, there will certainly be an abundance of great Italian and French cheeses, a selection of spices from around the world, black garlic from Voghiera D.O.P., Castagnolo® BIO prosciutto crudo for which Selecta is the exclusive distributor, a selection of preserved seafood products from Real Conservera Española, rare and prized meats such as Wagyu beef and Iberian pork, and many other delicacies.

For the pastry sector, we find Ravifruit fruit purees and Rose Noire tartlets. A special space will be reserved for Valrhona, for two in-depth demos dedicated to pure sensory tastings, an in-depth study of the possible applications in contemporary restaurant confectionery and the discovery of production terroirs as a determining factor in the organoleptic differences of the couverture. Places will be limited for a better experience in terms of participation and direct interaction with Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti.

If you are a catering professional and would like to participate, simply contact your local Agent for complete details.