Demo of the week, with meats and cheeses

Demo of the week, with meats and cheeses

Selecta’s objective has been clear for some time now: to not only select fresh ingredients of the highest quality but to provide advice and support whilst sharing gastronomic knowledge.

Our clientèle is increasingly eager to learn about the territories of origin, the production chains, the selection criteria and the best practices for handling fresh ingredients once purchased and stored in their cellars. All this is to ensure a memorable gastronomic experience for the end diner.

This week, dozens of restaurateurs from Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta explored a number of topics related to the meat sector, in particular the Pure Loin Collection, and the Cheese and Pantry Sector.

Loins selected from six European countries – Italy, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Poland – all meet the criteria of excellence in cattle breeding and production. A collection of top-quality sirloin, guaranteeing the origin, selection and transparency of the animals and the appreciation of the work of the artisans who rear cattle and care for the land.

Stefano Campanaro, Head of the Meat Sector, talked about the origin, selection and transparency of the different supply chains, along with the organoleptic qualities of certain ribs and the care taken during cooking.

For the Cheese Sector, restaurateurs studied the fundamentals of handling, cutting and storing products, with the aim of achieving the degree of awareness necessary to be able to guarantee an offering that lives up to expectations. Sector Manager Enrico Panzarasa also addressed food pairings and food costs. These are fundamental elements in rotating the catering offer, avoiding unnecessary waste and optimising costs.