Lifelong-learners never stop!

Lifelong-learners never stop!

The “Chi si forma non si ferma” training cycle dedicated to Selecta’s sales force continues. For us, this cycle forms part of our core values in always striving for excellence.

In fact, we believe that time devoted to learning allows us to rediscover our excellence, to showcase it better and satisfy the needs of the most exacting restaurateurs.

On Thursday, 2nd and Friday, 3rd March, a series of in-depth discussions took place dedicated to the Seafood and Pâtisserie sectors, during which Sector Managers Chef Sauro Bison and Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti explained the merits, details and unique factors of each individual product, all aimed at the best way of handling the gastronomic excellence that our sales force is called upon to exalt on a daily basis.

The cycle does not end here, with the next dates to come at the end of March.