Cinco Jotas nella Ristorazione, a new cookbook

Cinco Jotas nella Ristorazione, a new cookbook

Cinco Jotas nella Ristorazione (Cinco Jotas in the Restaurant Industry) is a recipe book born from the historical collaboration between Cinco Jotas and Selecta, the exclusive distributor of the historic Spanish brand throughout Italy.

Culturally and gastronomically, Spain and Italy are sisters, linked by a strong and indissoluble bond. The cross-contamination between the cuisines has always been very strong and capable of enriching both countries.

In Spain, the use of Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham in a more gourmet and refined guise is widespread, as an excellent ingredient within refined and elaborate dishes where the ham exalts the flavours. It is also increasingly entering the kitchens of our restaurants, as an ingredient to be showcased.

This recipe book aims to present certain interpretations by chefs and catering professionals that make this a special ingredient in starters, first and second courses and as the star on gourmet pizzas.

The Recipes: