Modern cooking, demo of the week with Sosa

Modern cooking, demo of the week with Sosa

Amongst the countless trends that are beginning to define the future of catering and pastry, there are some that are becoming increasingly popular with professionals and consumers, who are in turn growing increasingly aware and exacting.

The sights of modern cooking are now set on the preparation of dishes and desserts with a reduced sugar and fat content in favour of health and a better perception of flavours in health-conscious recipes, catering for people with intolerances (lactose-free, gluten-free), vegans, etcetera. A mix of trends that differ in substance yet are united by a clear common thread: stripping away. Stripping the superfluous, the unnecessary, to get to the essence of the finished product.

Yet, nothing could be more difficult because achieving sophisticated simplicity takes time devoted to research and experimentation (factors often not available to restaurateurs). Converting traditional recipes into modern dishes is tricky since eliminating or substituting even one ingredient implies:

  • A complete mastery of the physics and chemistry of ingredients;
  • Finding a new ingredient capable of fulfilling the function of the eliminated ingredient;
  • Maintaining or rather enhancing the final flavour of the recipe.

Here, Sosa comes to the rescue with its very extensive range of technical ingredients with emulsifiers, aerating agents, thickeners, gelling agents, charging agents, dried fruits, dehydrated fruits, essential oils and much more.

To demonstrate its infinite possibilities, Sosa Chef and Demonstrator Eduard Azuaza shared his experience, enriching the theoretical and technical knowledge of more than 60 professionals during 3 days of demos, between Emilia Romagna and Selecta’s headquarters.

Eduard – with a selection of sweet and savoury recipes – explained the functions of Sosa products and the theoretical foundations needed to convert recipes from the traditional to the innovative in their simplicity.

Witness how our partnership is motivated not only by the continuous search for new ingredients but also and above all oriented towards sharing this technical knowledge, previously in the hands of technologists and now available to chefs and restaurateurs.

The recipes tackled during the demos were: