Demos for the week in Lombardy

Demos for the week in Lombardy

A series of in-depth cheese and pastry-themed discussions involving numerous Lombardy restaurateurs has recently come to an end.

The demonstrations are occasions for a detailed study and technical consultations that Selecta organises throughout the country to support customers in their daily work.

This service has been conceived not only to support the choice of fresh ingredients (with in-depth knowledge of the products, recommended pairings and differentiation of the restaurant offering) but also as a broader pathway for sharing gastronomic knowledge.

The first theoretical part touched on the fundamental aspects already explored in the Passione Gourmet Trento demo, whilst the second saw the concrete application of certain products from the VALRHONA and Sosa range, necessary for the creation of plated desserts, being necessary in terms of taste and aesthetics.

Guests were able to ask the Pastry Chef technical questions, receiving responses that showed not only the potential of the products mentioned but also demonstrating how much easier it is to trust in a single supplier to resolve any issues that may arise in the development of a dessert menu (food costs, recipe balancing, recipe creation, ingredient substitution and so on).

As to cheese, the head of the sector, Enrico Panzarasa, fascinated the restaurateurs by starting with an overview of the origin of milk, going through the types (cow, goat and sheep) and their characteristics, ending with an analysis of blue-veined, bloomy rind and washed cheeses.

The event continued with a special insight into “balancing” the plateaux of seasonal cheeses. The final tasting was made even more fun by the spontaneous attempt by customers to try new combinations, so as to apply the notions learnt and go beyond the classic combinations with jams and marmalades.

Essentially, differentiate and enhance were the watchwords. Now more than ever, restaurateurs and all artisans of taste are called upon to specify the names of cheeses on menus (as is already done for wine), given that they are such a fundamental part of our gastronomic culture.