Tasting chocolate, demo of the week at Passione Gourmet by Selecta

Tasting chocolate, demo of the week at Passione Gourmet by Selecta

The latest edition of Passione Gourmet Trento by Selecta was a success, once again thanks to the remarkable turnout of restaurateurs, delighted by the broad selection of products for tasting and the partner suppliers ready to wax lyrical about their respective production chains.

The demos at this event involved Selecta’s Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti and a number of restaurateurs discovering and analysing a selection of Valrhona single-origin couverture chocolates.

This educational course examined the more technical aspects of chocolate, a fundamental ingredient in any pastry production.

The demonstration opened with an account of the production chain and how the cocoa bean, the fruit of the cocoa plant, is processed from bean to bar. The composition of all varieties of couverture and how they should be combined, processed and tasted correctly were all examined.

In particular, four single-origin couvertures from different territories were examined: Ghana, Ecuador, Venezuela and Madagascar. The products were tasted both pure and in creamy recipes, as the result of modern methods and techniques aimed at maximum perception of the various organoleptic profiles.

The Valrhona couverture we studied and tasted

Alpaco 66%: A dark couverture originating from Ecuador, with a strong and elegant profile thanks to its floral aromas. The range of recommended combinations include grapefruit, hazelnut, lime, lychee, coffee, vanilla, caramel and liquorice.

Nyangbo 68%: A dark couverture originating from Ghana, with a low acid profile, characterised by warm, roasted and rich notes of sweet spices. Recommended pairings are banana, chestnut, pear, pineapple, cinnamon, tonka bean, vanilla, biscuit, Speculoos and honey.

Araguani 72%: A dark couverture originating from Venezuela, with a low acid profile that is elegant on the palate and presents intense cocoa notes. Recommended pairings: dried fruit, coffee, pain d’épices, Tahiti vanilla, liquorice and olives.

Millot 74%: A dark couverture from Madagascar, with an acidic and fruity profile and intense notes of cocoa grué. Here, too, there are numerous recommended pairings including coffee, toast, dark rum, blackcurrant, dates, apricot, toasted almond, chestnut, roasted corn, hazelnut, tonka bean, Madagascar vanilla and aromatic pepper.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired, the experts from Trentino and South Tyrol can now apply their own creativity to make creams, ganaches, gelatos and sorbets in an innovative way.

Passione Gourmet by Selecta will return in 2023 with just as many appointments and exceptional line-ups.