Demo of the week with Cadoret and Cinco Jotas

Demo of the week with Cadoret and Cinco Jotas

Easter is approaching and with it, the desire to ensure our customers impeccable service. Knowing how to offer excellence requires constant training and updating, paired with a great deal of sensitivity to the fresh ingredients.

With this in mind, Selecta – in conjunction with its partner suppliers – regularly travels around the peninsula to meet restaurateurs directly and devote the necessary time to training and coaching them on the choice of fresh ingredients, pairings, recommendations for use as well as storage.

For the seafood sector, Jean-Jacques Cadoret joined a number of customers from Campania to illustrate and explain the world of Cadoret oysters, from flat to concave from Normandy and Brittany, through theoretical and practical demonstrations plus direct visits.

For the Charcuterie Sector, Cortador Jerome Drouin of Cinco Jotas and the Head of the Charcuterie and Cured Meat Sector delighted restaurateurs from Piedmont and Liguria with a series of theoretical and practical demonstrations on Iberian ham and the great cured meat products from the Emilian tradition.

From the specific nomenclature to cutting techniques, customers delved into the combinations and enhancement of this gastronomic excellence.