Demos of the week and practical experiences: Sosa in Lombardy and Balik in Capri and Puglia

Demos of the week and practical experiences: Sosa in Lombardy and Balik in Capri and Puglia

This week saw a series of demos dedicated to modern cooking with Sosa’s technical ingredients in Lombardy along with practical experiences with the prestigious Balik smoked salmon in Capri and Puglia.

Three events were held in Lombardy dedicated to modern cooking techniques with famed Sosa Demonstrator-Chef, Eduard Azuaza, who illustrated the functions of Sosa products and the technical foundations for innovating even the simplest of recipes, making the best use of the vast range of technical ingredients offered by the Spanish company, including emulsifiers, aerating agents, thickeners, gelling agents, bulking agents, dehydrated fruits and much more.

Equally engaging were the practical sessions dedicated to Balik smoked salmon fillets in Capri and Puglia, where Sales Manager Philipp Fahr illustrated the merits of selecting and processing the various fillets of Norwegian salmon (Salmo Salar), to enable restaurateurs to integrate this gastronomic excellence into their dining offerings.

The aim of these exclusive pairings is always to guide chefs and the kitchen staff towards a better integration of Balik’s excellencies in the restaurant proposal, from their processing for first or second courses or simply for hors d’oeuvres, entrées and pairings with caviar from Caviar House & Prunier or even for sublime pure tastings.

Given the recent launch of “Sashimi Style”, Balik’s only non-smoked product, the practical experiences once again highlighted the different qualities of the fillet, including the packaging of the diagonally pre-sliced product and its versatility of use.

Each chef had the opportunity to experience ingredients of the highest quality, just waiting to be interpreted with their own signature style, be it with a typical or seasonal note.

Both Sosa and Balik have once again demonstrated to Selecta customers how their respective products are made by professionals for professionals – products created both to solve technical issues in the kitchen and to enrich the creativity of the cook, along with the resulting final dish.

For us and for our customers, having a supplier-partner who tells us – in person and with great passion – how to best use these excellences represents a true added value, with the common aim of preserving and innovating national and international gastronomic traditions.