Demo of the week: Cheeses and…

Demo of the week: Cheeses and…

This week featured plenty of demonstrations and information dedicated to the cheese sector in Trentino and Veneto.

Three days of demos dedicated to the restaurant cheese line were held from Trento to Venice to Padua.

Dozens of restaurant professionals learned about management, and the foundations of cutting and storage to acquire the knowledge they need to guarantee an offer that meets customer expectations.

The week featured more than just cheese, though, with information about food pairings and food cost also provided during the event coordinated by sector manager Enrico Panzarasa. These are key elements for restaurant offerings to avoid unnecessary waste and to optimise costs.

The objective is about more than sharing gastronomic knowledge, because Selecta also wants to help restaurateurs become more aware and autonomous when tasting and selecting cheeses, based on the offering that the restaurateur wants to promote at their establishment.