Demo of the week: dessert in the restaurant industry

Demo of the week: dessert in the restaurant industry

Yesterday saw the conclusion of a series of pastry-themed demonstrations and in-depth discussions led by Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti and involving numerous restaurateurs from Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche and Abruzzo.

These demos were organised by Selecta with the aim of assisting clients not only in the selection of fresh ingredients but also in passing on the knowledge needed to truly exalt these products and thus provide the end customer with a superior gastronomic experience.

This is the gastronomic expertise that supplier-partners share with Selecta on a daily basis and which Selecta is then responsible for circulating, it being a great pleasure to pass on in turn to preserve tradition and push innovation.

For the pâtisserie sector, Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti delighted restaurateurs during 3 appointments.

Through two recipes – a classic Lemon Meringue and an innovative Hukambi, Coffee and Milk – the demo highlighted the concrete application of some products from the ranges of VALRHONA, Sosa and La Rose Noire, necessary for the creation of plated desserts that are essential in terms of taste and aesthetics.

In addition, for each demo, Selecta’s Pastry Chef emphasised the creation of desserts that also meet dietary requirements such as being gluten-free or lactose-free, as well as health requirements that see the sweets made with less fat and sugar.

To this end, imagine for example water-based chocolate creams, made with Valrhona couverture and Sosa texturising products such as Flax Fiber (linseed fibre), with an incredible ability to thicken, stabilise and emulsify.

Guests were able to ask the Pastry Chef technical questions, receiving responses that showed not only the potential of the products mentioned but also demonstrating how easy it is to trust in a single supplier to resolve any issues that may arise in the development of a dessert menu (food costs, recipe balancing, recipe creation, ingredient substitution and so on).

Pâtisserie products remind us how endless the possibilities truly are, especially when you really know the ingredients and how they interact with each other.