Demos and visits for customers, Selecta supports the experts

Demos and visits for customers, Selecta supports the experts

Following the success of the 6th edition of Passione Gourmet held in Rome on Monday, 3rd October 2022, our supplier partners travelled all over the country to meet with restaurateurs in person.

For the seafood sector, Jean-Jacques Cadoret joined a number of customers from Campania to illustrate and explain the world of Cadoret oysters, through theoretical and practical demonstrations plus direct visits.

This full immersion is dedicated to the tradition behind the production of the historic Breton maison, the ageing times, as well as the recommended pairings and selection criteria that are fundamental to the composition of an oyster menu.

Marc Rafols joined some customers in Piedmont and Liguria to learn more about the famous Rafols cod and its many uses.

For the charcuterie sector, Cortador Jerome Drouin of Cinco Jotas delighted restaurateurs from Abruzzo and Le Marche with a series of theoretical and practical demonstrations on Jamón ibérico. From the specific nomenclature to cutting techniques, customers delved into the combinations and enhancement of this Spanish gastronomic excellence.

For the cheese sector, Mons visited a number of leading establishments in the Lazio restaurant industry, with a series of customised consultations dedicated to French cheeses, focusing on selection criteria and the best pairings with revisited traditional Italian dishes.

Dulcis in fundo literally, with Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti updating some pastry chefs from the Lazio region on modern pastry and gelato-making techniques, in the creation of plated desserts that meet market demands.

From recipe conception to the study of ingredients, those present learnt the essentials for managing the production of recipes such as the Brownie with P125 Guanaja Heart and 80% Komuntu Texture or revisited classics such as Cheesecake, with a special focus on preservation and storage.

From seafood to cured meats, cheeses to desserts, the numerous restaurateurs shared the knowledge of technicians and producers, with a common desire to improve their catering offering and with it, the storytelling and safeguarding of the gastronomic excellences of which Selecta is a proud ambassador and supplier.