EIN PROSIT, the 24th appointment with food and wine culture

EIN PROSIT, the 24th appointment with food and wine culture

The 24th edition of the EIN PROSIT event is just around the corner. Scheduled to be held in Udine, Italy, from 19th to 22nd October, EIN PROSIT will involve multiple themes, such as international food and wine culture, wine knowledge and traditions, along with the various fresh ingredients as the undisputed protagonists in the kitchen.

Over one Italian hundred chefs shall be present along with various entities in the city, with a programme rich in events, including tasting itineraries, aperitifs and dinners open to the public, along with guided tastings and no shortage of meetings, master classes and dedicated workshops.

The latter, slated for Saturday, 21st and Sunday, 22nd October, involves the participation of Enrico Panzarasa, Manager of the Cheese Sector, and Alessandro Rossetti, Pastry Consultant from Selecta.

Both appointments are devised as journeys amongst selected excellences from the world of cheese and desserts, alternating with occasions for discussion and teaching, with the aim of training professionals and intriguing enthusiasts of the sector, discovering together food and wine pairings and gastronomic twists.

Selecta is a technical partner of the 24th edition of EIN PROSIT.

For the complete event programme, please visit: www.einprositit.org.