In the Kitchen with Selecta: Gâteau de Voyage

In the Kitchen with Selecta: Gâteau de Voyage

The last culinary event of “In Cucina Con Selecta” (“In the Kitchen with Selecta”) dedicated to employees ended this week. This appointment with a pastry theme and more precisely, on the Gâteau de Voyage, was led by Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti.

In Cucina Con Selecta comprises in-depth information, demonstrations and valuable tips that can be put into practice in the kitchen each day, to become familiar with top-quality fresh ingredients and have fun experimenting with creative and unusual recipes.

The Gâteau de Voyage or more simply, “travel cake” is a great bakery product due to its excellent preservation over time and space, meaning this dessert can be transported over long distances without its shape or flavour being ruined. This product remains soft and moist for 7 to 15 days thanks to its ingredients and any icing.

In short, it is the ideal sweet for a breakfast buffet or for a walk-in tasting, on a picnic or for afternoon tea.

Here are some of the desserts we explored and tasted: