Cadoret oysters feature in the latest issue of ItaliaSquisita

Cadoret oysters feature in the latest issue of ItaliaSquisita

The rounded valves of Ostrea edulis appear in the catalogue of that extraordinary collection that Goethe described as “the alpha and omega of all collections of antiquities”, namely the Edible Collection of the Archaeological Museum of Naples. The distant memories of the invention of oyster beds by Sergius Orata at his villa in Baia, about which Pliny the Elder writes in the Naturalis Historia, reverberate today in Breton oyster production, in which the Rotunda edulis, commonly known as Bélon, finds its territory of choice.

These poetic historical quotations begin the article published in Issue 47 of ItaliaSquisita by Domenico Biscardi and dedicated to the world of Cadoret oysters.

A three-day trip in June together with photographer Marco Menghi led the two to discover the world of Breton oyster farming, to hear the words of Jean Jacques Cadoret, and to get to know a company that is now in its fifth generation of oyster farmers and traders.

It was an immersive and magical journey to discover the tides and the various places where oysters are born and processed – the vast parks that house the farms, the Bélon river where they are refined, the processing workshop, the skilful hands of the women who take care of the packing and quality control… All whilst learning about the history of a family that has been breeding these prized molluscs since 1880 in Riec-sur-Bélon, which are also increasingly sought after by Italian restaurants.

Now, Stefano di Gennaro from the Michelin-starred restaurant Quintessenza (Trani), Riccardo Sculli from Gambero Rosso in Marina di Gioiosa Ionica, and the Cerea brothers from Da Vittorio all present their personal interpretation of Cadoret oysters. And how are oysters served in France? Yannick Alléno, three-star chef, talks about just this.

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The recipes

Cadoret Tsaritsa oyster, cherries, green tomato, cucumber and herb salad.

Recipe by Stefano Di Gennaro, Quintessenza Ristorante

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Tagliolini pasta, oyster butter, almonds, ‘nduja.

Recipe by Riccardo Sculli, Gambero Rosso Restaurant

Discover the recipe.

Cadoret Oysters are exclusively distributed in Italy by Selecta.