Passione Gourmet, 1st leg of 2023 in Origgio

Passione Gourmet, 1st leg of 2023 in Origgio

After the remarkable success of the first 6 editions of Passione Gourmet in 2022 (with the last one being held in Trento), the travelling event dedicated to gastronomic excellence continues with the first appointment of 2023 taking place in Origgio (VA).

On 20th February and for the first time in Lombardy, Selecta SpA will welcome hundreds of guests including chefs, catering professionals and partner suppliers, all united by the desire to taste and explore new fresh ingredients, share gastronomic knowledge and find new sources of inspiration for creativity in the kitchen.

Amongst the partner suppliers who will be present throughout the day are:

  • Mons Fromager & Affineur with a selection of prestigious transalpine cheeses
  • Querceta, presenting the best of Puglia’s dairy production
  • Compagnia del Montale with traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P.
  • Tenute del Cavaliere showcasing their artisanal organic tomato preserves
  • Podere Cadassa bearing the best cured meats from the Emilian pork butchery
  • Cinco Jotas and Cortador Jerome Drouin there to give us the pleasure of knife-sliced 100% Jamón ibérico
  • Balik and a selection of salmon processed according to the ancient smoking recipe, in vogue during the time of the Russian tsars
  • Premium Shellfish with a range of wild lobsters and scallops from Canada
  • Rafols presenting traditional Icelandic cod served as carpaccio and buñuelos
  • La Piemontese showcasing a selection of meats from the Piemontese breed of cattle
  • Sosa and Chef-Demonstrator Eduard Azuaza illustrating the potential of technical ingredients

With Passione Gourmet being about tasting and discovery, there will be no shortage of Thiercelin spices, Japanese Marusho vinegars, preserved seafood products, rare and prized meats plus many other gastronomic delicacies from around the world.

Special space will be reserved for Sosa, with two in-depth demos focusing on the use of technical ingredients in the kitchen. Chef-Demonstrator Eduard Azuaza will illustrate the potential of the Sosa range, designed to facilitate the work of chefs, to respect the taste of fresh ingredients and guarantee the stability and shelf-life of the creations.

If you are a catering professional and would like to participate, simply contact your local Agent for all the details.