Selecta and partner suppliers visit customers after Passione Gourmet Origgio

Selecta and partner suppliers visit customers after Passione Gourmet Origgio

Following the first leg of Passione Gourmet in Lombardy, held in Origgio on Monday 20th February 2023, our partner suppliers spread out around the peninsula to meet directly with catering professionals, Selecta customers.

Seafood, cured meats, cheeses and desserts … restaurateurs took advantage of the presence of partner suppliers to learn more about the ingredients with a view to enhancing and optimising work in the kitchen.

The common objective is always to perfect the catering offer and with it, the storytelling and safeguarding of the gastronomic excellence of which Selecta is a proud ambassador and supplier.

For the seafood sector, Premium Shellfish demonstrators joined a group of customers in Lombardy to share with them tips and practices to enhance the best of the Canadian catch including lobsters and wild scallops.

For the charcuterie sector, Cortador Jerome Drouin from Cinco Jotas delighted restaurateurs from Lombardy with a series of theoretical and practical demonstrations on Jamón ibérico. From the specific nomenclature to cutting techniques, customers delved into the combinations and enhancement of this Spanish gastronomic excellence.

For the Pâtisserie sector, Sosa Demonstrator-Chef Eduard Azuaza shared his experience by enriching the theoretical and technical knowledge of numerous professionals with a selection of recipes illustrating the functions of Sosa products and the theoretical fundamentals needed to convert recipes from traditional to innovative, in all their simplicity.