Selecta achieves BIO Certification

Selecta achieves BIO Certification

We are pleased to announce that Selecta S.p.A. has completed the process of adherence to the BIO specifications and is thus now officially authorised to market organic products, being able to fully delight the supply chain.

Over the coming weeks, various communications will follow regarding this important milestone, which distinguishes Selecta from its main competitors still lacking BIO certification.

But what exactly are the distinguishing features of BIO productions?

  • A reduced use of chemicals in processing;
  • In all animal production, a focus on inhibition rather than therapeutic intervention, following the principle that prevention is better than cure;
  • Attention to recycling, both in plant and animal production;
  • Low density of livestock, prioritising grazing over classic gridding;
  • In crop production, a focus on a lower-density sowing than in conventional production, favouring traditional crops over those utilised in intensive agriculture;
  • Pest control through good agronomic and physical practices and not through the use of chemicals.

In addition, all suppliers of the products we distribute hold a valid certificate, issued by a third-party body, in turn accredited by the Ministry of Health, with the aim of preventing fraud and conflicts of interest between operators.