Selecta presents the new brand of

Selecta presents the new brand of

Selecta launches the new brand to represent its passion and care in selecting high-quality delicatessen products.

This label is the symbol of a significant project of services, training, consultancy and constant attention to Italy’s pork heritage. guarantees respect for indispensable values with attention to breeding conditions, artisanal processing of carefully selected meat, respect for traditions, for the times of nature and for human skills handed down from generation to generation.

This significant commitment is aimed at satisfying the most exacting catering professionals who consider quality, authenticity and food safety to be essential requirements in their search for traditional Italian pork products.

The first step in the launch of the brand is the presentation of our Prosciutto di San Daniele, both deboned and bone-in, aged for at least 20 months. Made exclusively for Selecta by a producer in San Daniele who selects, salts and processes the best heavy pork legs by weight and marbling. Large hams require a long, slow curing process in ample rooms with opposing windows that must be opened alternately to allow the breezes from the Adriatic Sea to cross with those from the Alps in order to dry and cure our hams slowly and naturally for at least 20 months.
Prosciutto di San Daniele is a natural product, made only with Italian pork meat, sea salt and the air of San Daniele del Friuli – more than just a ham but a veritable culture!

for anyone else, this would be a Riserva product, whilst for Selecta, it is our San Daniele.