“In Cucina Con Selecta” is back

“In Cucina Con Selecta” is back

From January, Selecta will once again offer the culinary series “In Cucina Con Selecta” dedicated to its employees.

“In Cucina Con Selecta” comprises in-depth information, demonstrations and valuable tips that can be put into practice every day in the kitchen, to become familiar with top-quality fresh ingredients and have fun experimenting with creative and unusual recipes.

Cheeses, cured meats, fresh meats, preserved seafood products, desserts … employees can discover the unique aspects of a bevy of products along with their processing and combinations, all in the serene and convivial spirit that only Selecta’s demo room can offer.

Past events include “Ramen a Lume di Candela” and “Carni Prêt-à-porter”.

On the first occasion, the Head of Cheese and Catering went in-depth into the making of Seafood Ramen in combination with a cheese fondue. After some historical background and the basics of how to prepare this dish, Enrico created his very own version of Seafood Ramen, tantalising the taste buds with spices from the furthest corners of the globe.

In the second, the Meat Sector Manager experimented with a series of meat-themed recipes, with theoretical insights into the Piedmontese cattle and “quinto quarto” (literally, “fifth-quarter” cuts or offal), to cope with the change of season from winter to spring. Amongst the recipes discussed were:

The next appointments will see the Pastry Chef and Head of the Cured Meats and Preserved Seafood division respectively engaged in the creation of innovative plum cakes and in the telling of a selection of cured meats and preserved seafood products.