New Zealand is famous for its unspoilt green expanses, lush pastures and the perfect articulation of the seasons.

Here, a group of attentive agronomists and meticulous breeders set up an unprecedented project: the search for the “Perfect Breed”. Thus was born the Lumina lamb, as the result of years of research on the DNA of various breeds, resulting in the ideal pedigree for breeding in the southernmost and coldest parts of the wonderful island that is New Zealand.

Lumina lamb differs from any other lamb due to several factors: its diet, based on wild chicory, the area in which it is reared, being very cold and thus favouring firm meat, along with its three-week dry ageing to result in meat with very little water content, bringing out all the aromas of free-range grazing. Lumina is a marbled lamb, rich in polyunsaturated fats and Omega 3.

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