The Marusho family vinegar factory was founded in 1879 in Tenma, Nachikatsuura, southeast of the Wakayama Prefecture and on the Kii Peninsula.

The atmosphere inside the production plant is still the same today after more than 140 years in operation. Indeed, mud and wood walls stand on terracotta floors to house gigantic cedarwood barrels – some of them more than a century old – where the fermentation of rice vinegar continues undisturbed, supervised and safeguarded by the third generation of artisans.

The vinegars are made from the highest quality ingredients from rice grown on the family’s land and spring water collected from the sacred Mount Nachi, the same water that gives life to the Nachi Falls, being the highest waterfalls in Japan. The fermentation process is meticulously monitored throughout the entire process, which lasts from a minimum of 90 to a maximum of 500 days.

Renowned for their quality and consistency, Marusho vinegars are ideal both for restoring the authenticity of traditional Japanese flavours for modernising certain recipes with marinated fish and meat or even for adding flavour to soups, stews and risottos.