Porto Santo Spirito

Porto Santo Spirito

Porto Santo Spirito is a company born from the experience gained by generations of fishers.

In a small fishing village north of Bari, large fishing boats specialised in harvesting crustaceans from the depths gather each day the best products from the Adriatic Sea, including: giant gamba prawn, blue prawns, striped prawns and scampi.

Small boats head out to the coast daily to catch cuttlefish, common octopus and musky octopus along with whatever the sea offers up seasonally. The cuttlefish and octopus are then processed in the traditional way to produce the classic “wild curled octopus” and “crispy cuttlefish with tagliatelle”.

Highly qualified staff, directly on board the boats, painstakingly select and package the best of the local catch using the latest technology.