Pura is Selecta’s latest project dedicated entirely to the selection of sirloin.

A collection of top-quality sirloin, guaranteeing the origin, selection and transparency of the animals and the appreciation of the work of those who breed cattle and care for the land.

Origins. Animal welfare comes first. All cattle entering the Pura collection must be born, bred and slaughtered in the same geographical area, availing of methods that respect the animal’s life and its rearing.

Selection. Thanks to Selecta’s long-standing collaboration with numerous beef suppliers, the characteristics that each individual animal from which the loin is derived must have were defined as: nutrition, conformation, fat, through to maturation in dedicated rooms with controlled temperature and humidity.

Transparency. Pura animals are accompanied by the Label of Origin, in which all characteristics of the animal are highlighted. All is additionally marked with the Pura seal, stating the breed of animal and its origins, as a guarantee of product quality.