Rosalita represents the women of the sea in the small Cantabrian municipality of Santoña, where they work their catch in an artisanal manner.

Anchovies, sardines and many other seafood products are processed by the skilled hands of the women of the sea in the villages next to the harbour. All Rosalita excellences are treated equally, thanks to the sharing of knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Female and male hands intertwine to form a bond that begins in the Cantabrian Sea and ends on the plates of those with the most refined palates. Male hands navigate, lift loads and tie their bulk up to protect their precious loot as female hands meticulously select the best specimens, care for their flesh, to offer products of incomparable consistency.

Rosalita is synonymous with tradition, respect and sustainability thanks to these hands so devoted to the sea that feeds them and gives them life and prosperity.