Meringue with red fruits and crème diplomate

5j recipe

DOSES FOR: 15 Porzioni

Recipe by Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti

Meringue with red fruits and crème diplomate
5j recipe
  • 200 g Forest Fruit Mix
  • 10 g Sosa glucose syrup
  • 6 g Sosa bovine gelatine
  • 30 g Water of hydration
  • 270 g Valrhona strawberry Inspiration
  • 400 g Elle&Vire Excellence whipping cream

Heat the purée to 55° C then add in the hydrated gelatine to dissolve.
Pour the hot liquid over the melted couverture and mix well.
Add the very cold liquid cream and mix again.
Leave to rest at +4° C.


Store for 4–5 days at +4° C or 30 days at -18° C.

  • 100 g Egg whites
  • 2 g Sosa powdered albumin
  • 100 g Caster sugar
  • 100 g Icing sugar

Mix the egg whites and caster sugar together with the albumin then cook in a bain-marie at 55° C. Next, whip at medium speed until cool. Finish by adding the icing sugar before placing on a silicone mat and drying at 55° C for at least 12 hours.


Store at room temperature away from humidity

  • 400 g Whole milk
  • 100 g Egg yolks
  • 100 g Caster sugar
  • 40 g Corn starch
  • 20 g Elle&Vire 84% extra-dry sheets of butter
  • 9 g Sosa bovine gelatine
  • 325 g Elle&Vire Excellence whipping cream
  • 1 pc BIO Vanilla Bourbon Madagascar Thiercelin 1809 14–22 cm

Make a pastry cream with the milk, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla pod and cornstarch. Once cooked, add the hydrated gelatine and cold butter. Let the cream rest overnight. The following day, whip the cream before adding in the softened custard with a whisk. Store at +4° C before serving.


Store for up to 3 days at +4° C or 30 days at -18° C.

  • 300 g Ravifruit mixed berry purée
  • 80 g Fresh raspberries
  • 55 g Caster sugar
  • 55 g Sosa 33De glucose powder
  • 9 g Sosa fruit pectin NH
  • 1 g Sosa citric acid powder

In a saucepan, heat all ingredients together (except the fresh raspberries) to 85° C. Add the raspberries and mix to homogenise the mixture. Pour into silicone moulds and blast chill to -18° C.


Store for up to 7 days at +4° C or 30 days at -18° C.

  • 500 g Ravifruit strawberry
  • 128 g Caster sugar
  • 34 g Sosa 33De glucose powder
  • 17 g Sosa Dextrose
  • 1 g Sosa Guar Gum
  • 153 g Water

Heat the water together with the dry ingredients to 85° C.
Pour the hot syrup over the fruit purée and mix.
Allow the base to rest for 8 hours then mix again to homogenise. Blend in a food processor.


Store at -18° C.

Assembly and finishing

Place the dehydrated meringue with vanilla whipped cream in the centre of the plate.
Set the mousse and raspberry confit on top of the meringue. Adorn with an even layer of vanilla whipped cream. Finish the dessert with raspberry sorbet, dehydrated Sosa raspberry and fresh raspberries.