Millot 74% and apricots

DOSES FOR: 15 porzioni

Recipe by pastry chef Alessandro Rossetti

Millot 74% and apricots

320 g Oat milk

22 g Sosa 33De glucose powder

20 g Sosa inverted sugar

1.2 g Sosa Iota Pro Pannacotta

1.2 g Sosa Natur Emul

175 g Millot 74% Madagascar Bio Valrhona couverture

35 g Deodorised coconut oil


Mix the oat milk with the powdered glucose, inverted sugar and Iota Pro Pannacotta then bring to a boil.

Pour the hot liquid over the melted couverture along with the coconut oil and Natur Emul.

Mix to perfect the structure then leave to crystallise at +4° C.


Store for up to 4 days at +4° C or freeze.

Recommended serving size 20 grams.


340 g Ravifruit apricot purée

4 g Sosa Natur Emul

50 g Deodorised coconut oil

6 g Sosa gold gelatine of bovine origin

4.5 g Sosa Albuwhip

40 g Granulated sugar

55 g Ravifruit apricot purée

15 g Fresh centrifuged ginger


Mix 2/3 of the apricot purée with the gold gelatine and let rehydrate for about 15 minutes.

Heat the purée with the gelatine to 45° C and combine with the remaining purée, together with the centrifuged ginger.

Pour the mixture over the melted coconut oil together with the Natur Emul then mix to perfect the structure.

In the meantime, whip the second amount of apricot purée with the Albuwhip in a stand mixer, gradually adding the granulated sugar.

Lighten the first mixture with the apricot meringue and pour into the spherical moulds.

Blast chill and store at -18° C.


Store for up to 3 days at +4° C or 7 days at -18° C.

Recommended serving size 15 grams.


100 g Granulated sugar

100 g Sosa 40De glucose syrup

50 g Millot 74% Madagascar Bio Valrhona couverture


Heat the granulated sugar, glucose syrup and a little water to 158° C.

Add the chopped couverture and spread the mixture on a silicone mat.

Once the caramel is very cold, pulverise with a cutter.

Spread the caramel powder on a silicone mat and bake at 180° C until it melts again.

Store in a dry place.


Store for 30 days in a dry place at room temperature.

Recommended serving size 10 grams.


200 g Ravifruit apricot purée

100 g Valrhona Glassa Neutra Absolu cristal

20 g Ravifruit lemon purée


Combine all ingredients in a bowl then mix to homogenise.

Store the coulis in a dispenser at +4° C.


Store for up to 7 days at +4° C or freeze.

Recommended serving size 10 grams.

Assembly and finishing

Place two 8-gram spheres of apricot and ginger mousse on the plate.

Adorn alongside the spheres with 25 grams of creamy Millot 74%. Finish with 10 grams of apricot coulis and the tuile prepared with Millot chocolate caramel.