Ravioli with pear, onion and Mons 18-month Mimolette cheese

5j recipe

DOSES FOR: 4 persone

Recipe by Sara Catelli, Head of First Courses at Ristorante Al Vedel

Ravioli with pear, onion and Mons 18-month Mimolette cheese
5j recipe

200 ml Extra-virgin olive oil

2 White onions

4 Medium potatoes

6 Abate pears

2 Sprigs of thyme

2 Sprigs of marjoram

Salt and pepper to taste


Chop the white onions and sauté in the oil. Wash, peel and finely chop the potatoes and pears then add to the pan. Chop the thyme and marjoram (setting aside a pinch for a final seasoning of the ravioli). Sprinkle the herbs onto the potatoes and pears, together with a pinch of salt and dash of pepper to bring out the aromas and flavours. To help the cooking process, loosen the sauté with a little hot water.

Once everything is well cooked, mix with an immersion blender. Wait for the filling to cool then stuff the pasta to make ravioli. Salt the water then bring to a boil before cooking the ravioli.


3 Red Tropea onions

3 ml Malvasia di Parma white wine

Salt and sugar to taste

1 Knob of butter

Mons 18-month Mimolette cheese


Separately, sweat the julienne-cut red Tropea onions in a little oil then cover with the white wine. Cook for a few minutes over a high heat until the wine has evaporated. Add salt and sugar to glaze the sauce, which should be bright red once cooked.

Assembly and finishing

Drain the ravioli then toss in a pan with melted butter and the remaining chopped thyme and marjoram.

Plate the ravioli, sprinkling with coarsely-grated Mons® 18-month Mimolette cheese then top with the caramelised onion.