Tonkatsu-style Frog Supreme with fiordilatte braided cheese, cherry tomatoes, capers and herbs

5j recipe

DOSES FOR: 4 porzioni

A refined example of how to exalt Frog Supreme by alternating textures, colours and flavours to achieve the perfect balance.

Recipe by Chef Sauro Bison


12 pieces Frog Supreme

100 g Sifted wheat flour

100 g Sosa Ingredients Panko

50 g Egg white

Seed oil to taste

Pepper to taste


Coat the Frog Supreme in breadcrumbs. First, dip in the flour then into the lightly-whipped egg whites and finally in the panko. Fry in deep oil at 170° C until golden brown. Drain then season with salt and pepper.


200 g Carnival mix tomatoes

20 g Pantelleria IGP capers

5 g Profumi e Colori – herbs and flowers

Daidai Ponzu to taste

Fragrant extra-virgin olive oil to taste

Halen Môn Pure Salt

Mediterranean seawater to taste

Powdered Zathar Phenicien® to taste


Desalt the capers in plenty of lukewarm water. Cut the cherry tomatoes into even pieces then season with oil, salt, pepper, Zathar Phenicien®, Daidai Ponzu and a little seawater. Briefly beat the capers and herbs then mix with the cherry tomatoes.

Assembly and finishing

Arrange the fried Frog Supreme at the centre of the plate. Add the chopped fiordilatte cheese braids then the cherry tomato and caper salad. Finish the dish off with the Profumi e Colori and a splash of Daidai Ponzu vinegar.