Opalys 33%, Yoghurt and Raspberry Tartlet

5j recipe

DOSES FOR: 15 porzioni

Recipe by Pastry Chef Alessandro Rossetti.

Opalys 33%, Yoghurt and Raspberry Tartlet
5j recipe
  • 70 g Whole milk
  • 4 g Sosa bovine gelatine powder
  • 20 g Water for the gelatine
  • 12 g Sosa Yopols Mediterraneo
  • 150 g MonS organic natural yoghurt
  • 185 g Valrhona Opalys 33%
  • 260 g Elle&Vire Excellence 35% cream
  • 5 g Norohy Bio Madagascar Vanilla

Heat the milk, rehydrated gelatine and vanilla in a saucepan. Pour the boiling liquid over the previously-melted couverture and mix to perfect the structure. Add the yopols together with the yoghurt and mix again.

Allow the mixture to cool slightly to 35 °C. Semi-whip the cream then add to the mixture. Pour the light mouse into moulds and blast chill at -18 °C.


Store for 2–3 days at +4 °C.

Serving size: 45 g

  • 235 g Elle&Vire Excellence 35% Cream
  • 320 g Valrhona Opalys 33%
  • 150 g Valrhona Absolu Cristal neutral icing
  • 15 g Water for the Absolu Cristal
  • 5 g Sosa bovine gelatine powder
  • 25 g Water for the gelatine

Heat the cream in a saucepan. Then, add in the rehydrated gelatine. Pour the boiling liquid over the melted couverture and mix to emulsify. Meanwhile, in the same saucepan, heat the Absolu Cristal together with the water. Pour the boiling Absolu Cristal over the cream-couverture mixture and stir again. Bring the temperature to 30 °C and frost the yoghurt mousse made earlier.

Allow to crystallise at +4 °C for at least 12 hours, well covered with cling film.


Store for up to 7 days at +4° C or 30 days at -18° C.

Serving size: 10 g

  • 300 g Ravifruit raspberry purée
  • 15 g Cold Gelcrem
  • 20 g Fine caster sugar
  • 300 g Fresh raspberries

In a jug, combine the raspberry purée, cold gelcrem and caster sugar. Mix until a smooth, glossy gel is obtained. Add 300 g of chopped fresh raspberries.


Store for 4–5 days at +4 °C.

Serving size: 20 g

Assembly and finishing

Pour 20 g of raspberry gel into the tartlet. Pour 45 g of mousse into the chosen silicone mould and blast chill to -18 °C.

Glaze the yoghurt mousse with melted frosting at 30 °C and place in the cavity of the tartlet.

Finish off the dessert by adorning with crispy Opalys 33% Valrhona pearls.