Fine cuts from transparent supply chains

Selecta offers a comprehensive selection of meats in terms of type and cuts offered – from the finest farmyard animals to beef, lamb, horse and pork without mentioning game, birds and furred animals. Attentive breeders are selected from amongst those who follow a philosophy of precision selection, from Italy, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland, all operating under complete transparency and respect for animal welfare, from birth to slaughter, in the enhancement and protection of the territory.

The selection consists of authentic gastronomic delicacies such as Wagyu, dairy calves, pure-bred Iberian pigs, Canadian bison, New Zealand lamb and Welsh lamb. Completing the range is Rougié foie gras, be it raw or prepared in the form of terrines, torchons, millefeuilles or duck and goose pâtés, hailing directly from Perigord, the legendary French capital of foie gras.


Since 1875, Rougié has established itself as one of France’s leading foie gras producers. Since the 1950s, the company has worked alongside chefs around the world in creating the finest recipes. The company is based in Sarlat, the French capital of foie gras.

Behind every single product is the dedication and passion of breeders who are committed to responsible production with the utmost respect for animals. Indeed, the geese and ducks are raised outdoors in the Périgord countryside, without the use of antibiotics.

With the range of products on offer, being raw, frozen, fresh or preserved, along with the various ways of presentation, Rougié offers an exceptional range of specialities of the highest level, so as to achieve excellence in taste and meet the expectations of gourmands all over the world.


Pura is Selecta’s latest project dedicated entirely to the selection of sirloin.

A collection of top-quality sirloin, guaranteeing the origin, selection and transparency of the animals and the appreciation of the work of those who breed cattle and care for the land.

Origins. Animal welfare comes first. All cattle entering the Pura collection must be born, bred and slaughtered in the same geographical area, availing of methods that respect the animal’s life and its rearing.

Selection. Thanks to Selecta’s long-standing collaboration with numerous beef suppliers, the characteristics that each individual animal from which the loin is derived must have were defined as: nutrition, conformation, fat, through to maturation in dedicated rooms with controlled temperature and humidity.

Transparency. Pura animals are accompanied by the Label of Origin, in which all characteristics of the animal are highlighted. All is additionally marked with the Pura seal, stating the breed of animal and its origins, as a guarantee of product quality.

Nature’s Meadow

Nature’s Meadow is synonymous with quality and excellence. The animals are reared utilising traditional methods handed down through the generations, supported by the continuous improvement of the production process.

Reared on traceable and sustainable farms, the cattle are left for most of the year to graze on pasture so they may feed on fresh grass rich in nutrients and vitamins. This strong link to the land and the predominantly pasture-based farming gives the meat a distinctive taste and unique flavour. Traditional maturation on the bone then allows for a concentration of flavours, tenderness and an intense ruby colour, all combined with streaks of fat due to the natural marbling of the meat.

Nature’s Meadow is distributed exclusively in Italy by Selecta, being able to select only the finest products from the best Irish farms.

La Piemontese

La Piemontese is the line of meat from Piedmontese breeds of cattle certified at their origin by the Consorzio di Tutela della Razza Piemontese (COALVI) in accordance with specifications recognised at a European level.

First and foremost, the breed of La Piemontese means quality but also culture and tradition, preserved and handed down through the generations on family-run farms that, with their very presence, contribute to the preservation of the typical landscape, from high-altitude pastures to low-lying meadows.

The superiority of La Piemontese meat is primarily attributable to the breed’s genetic characteristics – indeed, the muscular structure of La Piemontese breed of cattle is so special that it manages to be tender with a particularly low fat content.

Carnicas LyO

Two brothers in Galicia guarantee the quality of Rubia Gallega meat, which has remained unchanged over time.

Aladino and Oscar Juan Galvan, founders of Carnicas LyO (acronym of Lady y Oscar), exclusively select cattle born, bred and slaughtered in Galicia, following all the steps – from the relationship with the breeder to the final signature attesting to their being true master artisans: maturation.

The expertise and skill of the Juan Galvan brothers while offering superior quality meat have rendered Carnicas LyO one of the most respected brands in the selection, processing and maturation of authentic Rubia Gallega.


Frisian comes as the result of a more than ten-year collaboration between Selecta and Ekro. The brand guarantees the protection of animal welfare, along with the quality of the meat, the offal cuts and the trimming (cleaning) of the same.

Frisian is a clear point of reference when it comes to the Friesian breed and the macro-region of Frisia (located between Holland, Denmark and a fraction of northern Germany), as the historical cradle of calf-breeding and still one of the world’s leading producers to this day.

Since 1952, Ekro has been a guarantee of quality, overseeing the entire production cycle whilst ensuring animal welfare, feed safety and environmental sustainability.


New Zealand is famous for its unspoilt green expanses, lush pastures and the perfect articulation of the seasons.

Here, a group of attentive agronomists and meticulous breeders set up an unprecedented project: the search for the “Perfect Breed”. Thus was born the Lumina lamb, as the result of years of research on the DNA of various breeds, resulting in the ideal pedigree for breeding in the southernmost and coldest parts of the wonderful island that is New Zealand.

Lumina lamb differs from any other lamb due to several factors: its diet, based on wild chicory, the area in which it is reared, being very cold and thus favouring firm meat, along with its three-week dry ageing to result in meat with very little water content, bringing out all the aromas of free-range grazing. Lumina is a marbled lamb, rich in polyunsaturated fats and Omega 3.

Heritage Angus

On the green prairies stretching across southern Canada, the Heritage Angus marking was born. In this area, the microclimate – being particularly cold in the winter months and humid in the warmer months – is ideal for rearing pure-breed Canadian Angus cattle in the wild.

Heritage Angus breeders follow a philosophy distinguished by conscious choices, respect for the land and animal welfare, in harmony with nature and the highest possible standards of quality. All cattle are reared without the use of antibiotics.

The meat is characterised by high fat infiltration between the muscle fibres, tenderness and intense flavour.