A garden of scents and colours

Selecta’s Pantry contains a broad selection of fruits and vegetables, seasoning, herbs and spices, rice, cereals and pulses.

Fruits and vegetables are selected by specialists with great know-how in their field, comprising growers who pay special attention to fresh herbs, from dill to verbena, to fresh and preserved vegetables, with a selection that counts on dozens of tasty and healthy products, salad sprouts and edible flowers.

Ample space is devoted to seasoning, spices and herbs to give dishes personality. Japanese Marusho vinegars, Jerez and Pedro Ximénez, along with Balsamic vinegars from Modena are a perfect synthesis of quality and refinement.

And again, under the heading of salts, the rich collection of Halen Môn, Welsh Fleur de Sel, as small crystals of impressive purity, crisp flakes extracted with craftsmanship from the cold waters of the Atlantic for a 100% natural product.

Just like the dozens of herbs and spices, from Star Anise, Saffron, Curry, Masala to Vanilla.


Famous since ancient times, it was from the 11th century onwards that the production of Balsamic Vinegar became inextricably linked to Modena, becoming synonymous over time with the culture and history of an area unique for its soil and climate characteristics and for its knowledge and human skills.

Balsamic Vinegar is the most natural of vinegars, unmatched in its simplicity.

The Balsamic Vinegar produced by Compagnia Del Montale is synonymous with class, seduction and refinement even at the table, because of its exceptional taste, being rich, aromatic and sweet with a very low degree of acidity, as a nod to creativity and gastronomic fusion.


An ancient craft, revived following traditional manual harvesting and innovative technology – this is the secret behind Halen Môn salt. The small white crystals of impressive purity are rich in calcium, zinc and magnesium, being particularly prized for the flavour conferred to the recipes to which they are added.

Halen Môn originates from the Isle of Anglesey, from which it takes its Welsh name, and is located at the north-western tip of Wales bathed by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, producing a 100% natural sea salt.

Thanks to the unique production processes and the high quality standards guaranteed, Halen Môn salt has earnt quality certification from the British Retail Consortium.

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