The best of artisan cheese-making

A range of dairy products of the highest quality, with a selection of over 300 cheeses hailing from all over Europe.

A selection of artisanal Italian products curdled and ripened exclusively by producers by paying great attention to both the quality of the milk and the right degree of affinage. A rich and complete selection of French cheeses in the transalpine selections curated by Hervé Mons, goat cheeses from Provence, cow’s milk cheese with a bloomy rind from Brie, Comté from the Tunnel de la Collonge and the classic blue cheeses such as Roquefort. This is without forgetting the best English, Spanish and Greek productions.

FROM GREAT DOP PRODUCTS TO SMALL PRODUCERS – A JOURNEY THROUGH ITALY’S DAIRY EXCELLENCES encompasses a range of excellent dairy products with a clear philosophy: the extraordinary focus on the world of Italian cheese. A very rich range of products covering all regions and ever expanding, consisting of great Italian classics and cheeses with Denominazione di Origine Protetta

(Protected Designation of Origin) developed by artisanal dairies, small producers and selected to guarantee continuous quality, trusting that artisanal products, often produced with raw milk, are never entirely the same each time.


The brand Non Toccatemi il Formaggio (“Don’t touch my cheese”) completes the selection with carefully chosen cheeses from all over Europe: France, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, the Netherlands and England. The philosophy with which the selection is made remains unchanged – alongside the great protected brands are the specialities of small producers and sought-after cheeses from the skilled hands of exacting artisans.


A family affair – that is what cheese means for Mons. It all started in 1960 with Hubert Mons, the father of Hervé, who had become one of the most dynamic and popular maître fromager in France today and known worldwide. After gaining experience in Paris, he returned to his homeland Roanne, near Lyon, in the 1980s to open his first shop.

In order to offer qualitatively excellent products, he created the Saint Haon le Châtel affinage cave, where chèvre and soft cheeses are still refined to this day. With an extraordinary project, he converted an old railway tunnel into an affinage cellar – the Tunnel de la Collonge, in which the great French gruyère, such as Comté, Salers, Beaufort and Abondance come into their own. In these magical places, technology is at the service of tradition, with a complex alchemy created between environment, place and time.

Mons has always represented the union between the producer, committed to the creation of a product of excellence, and the consumer able to recognise the great gastronomic and cultural value of cheese.

In 2000, Hervé Mons was awarded the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.


Michael Mathier is the mind and muscle behind Swisscru, a new Maison d’Affinage founded in the Swiss mountains.

For Selecta, he exclusively selects a range of high-quality Swiss cheeses, not only the most renowned Gruyère and Emmental the he carefully researches but also the unique L’Étivaz, being constantly on the lookout for the most artisanal Alpage productions scattered throughout the Swiss valleys.

Since 1992, Olmeda Origines has selected agricultural-food excellences, making them available to all those wishing to discover or reintroduce the genuine and typical flavours of Spanish gastronomy.

Since 1992, Olmeda Origines has selected agricultural-food excellences, making them available to all those wishing to discover or reintroduce the genuine and typical flavours of Spanish gastronomy.

Symbolising the dedication of farmers on the one hand and the richness of the artisanal food tradition on the other, Olmeda Origines bases its research and selection on values that have enabled the brand to build a relationship of mutual trust and generosity between the artisans and the company.

This synergy helps the players involved in the protection of rural areas, the sustainable development of activities related to them and the salvage of ancient crafts.

Amongst the gastronomic excellences selected by Olmeda are Cacereas fig and date bread, Membrillo (Quince Paste), sweet smoked paprika and the almost complete panorama of Spanish cheeses.


The Azienda Agricola Querceta is immersed in the countryside of Puglia, where the rhythms and seasons are followed. There exists an unbreakable bond with the land and the ancient knowledge and flavours of the simpler life of yesteryear.

The animals are reared with great respect for their lives and health. The organic certification of all cheeses produced is the result of the high quality of the milk and the craftsmanship of the processing, which is done naturally following the experience and traditions of Puglia’s master cheese-makers. No colouring agents, preservatives, GMOs or flavour enhancers are utilised, opting solely for natural, artisanal methods.

For Querceta, being organic is a concrete, daily commitment.