A selection of fished products that respects the sea and its resources

A selection of products from all the world’s seas, with a focus on sustainability and the seasonality of fishing aboard boats piloted by experienced sailors. From the ocean come rare fish caught on French fishing rods, cod, langoustines and scallops from Scotland, fine crabs and large-size tuna. But also mussels and clams from Italian waters, such as red prawns and scampi from Borgo di Mare in Puglia.

The seafood delicacies, both fresh and preserved, hail from all over the world, with various types of oysters bred by the historic producer Jean Jacques Cadoret, including the iconic Bélon du Bélon®, the fine House & Prunier Caviar, Balik Salmon, still smoked using the traditional method in use at the Court of the Tsar, and even salmon bred in the pure Scottish Loch Fyne waters. From Spain comes seafood from the Galician bays of Real Conservera Española and the traditional desalinated Cod Rafols, processed from the finest Atlantic cod.


The Cadoret family has been breeding oysters in Brittany for five generations then refining them at the mouth of the Bélon River, from which the famous Bélon du Bélon® flat oyster takes its name.

The meeting of the fresh waters of the Bélon River with the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean creates an ideal ecosystem in which to breed these prized molluscs. Refining in the Bélon River improves the texture of the meat and gives the oysters a sweet, rounded taste.

With love and passion, Cadoret rears oysters in its own structures at sea, overseeing all stages of the production cycle right through to the end, to guarantee a high-quality product appreciated all over the world. Today, Jean Jacques Cadoret is the guarantor of quality and respect for tradition in the breeding of these prized molluscs.

The tradition of Spanish preserved fish.

Rosalita represents the women of the sea in the small Cantabrian municipality of Santoña, where they work their catch in an artisanal manner.

Anchovies, sardines and many other seafood products are processed by the skilled hands of the women of the sea in the villages next to the harbour. All Rosalita excellences are treated equally, thanks to the sharing of knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Female and male hands intertwine to form a bond that begins in the Cantabrian Sea and ends on the plates of those with the most refined palates. Male hands navigate, lift loads and tie their bulk up to protect their precious loot as female hands meticulously select the best specimens, care for their flesh, to offer products of incomparable consistency.

Rosalita is synonymous with tradition, respect and sustainability thanks to these hands so devoted to the sea that feeds them and gives them life and prosperity.


The quest for excellence in the seafood and the highest quality standards in the world characterise Premium Shellfish, a producer of wild scallops and lobsters from Canada.

HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology and deep-freezing within a few hours of fishing, along with the scallops being processed right on board, crystallise the authentic freshness and maintain the organoleptic properties of the products. The calibration and packaging are completed with maniacal precision, in line with the specific food service needs.

Being awarded MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification testifies to Premium Shellfish’s concrete commitment to sustainability.

Porto Santo Spirito

Porto Santo Spirito is a company born from the experience gained by generations of fishers.

In a small fishing village north of Bari, large fishing boats specialised in harvesting crustaceans from the depths gather each day the best products from the Adriatic Sea, including: giant gamba prawn, blue prawns, striped prawns and scampi.

Small boats head out to the coast daily to catch cuttlefish, common octopus and musky octopus along with whatever the sea offers up seasonally. The cuttlefish and octopus are then processed in the traditional way to produce the classic “wild curled octopus” and “crispy cuttlefish with tagliatelle”.

Highly qualified staff, directly on board the boats, painstakingly select and package the best of the local catch using the latest technology.


Founded in 2010 by Alexis Taugé in Riec-sur-Bélon, Cinq Degrés Ouest (5DO) dedicates its 2,500 m2 to the production of highly-innovative products, in full respect of the values of sustainable fishing.

A European pioneer in the use of High Pressure Processing technological standards, 5DO guarantees products of incomparable freshness, with production linked mainly to the local catch of European Lobster and having since expanded to other bivalve molluscs and crustaceans of European origin.


For over 70 years, the Rafols family business has been dedicated to the preparation of traditional desalinated codfish.

Caught in Iceland by hook and line, Atlantic Cod is butterflied for gutting then left in salt with the bones for at least three months to preserve all the properties and flavour that render it unique. Rafols then selects the largest codfish to be filleted, rehydrated, desalinated and portioned by hand, before being packaged and immediately frozen.

The company’s focus on innovation and customer requests means that catering professionals are always offered a product of the highest quality and with numerous uses in the kitchen.


For over a hundred years, Caviar House & Prunier has been a leading company, globally recognised as a point of reference for its ability to select, salt and mature Sturgeon eggs.

Prunier is the only breeder-producer of caviar in the world to enhance its production with traditional methods, offering the market a unique caviar with an exquisite flavour.

Prunier caviar is obtained from Acipenser Baerii sturgeon originating from Siberia and bred in France, selected upon fish slaughter, with the caviar being salted and left to mature by availing of the same methods utilised in the Caspian Sea.


Passion, excellence and attention to detail render Balik unique in the production of smoked salmon.

Balik is the guardian of the ancient tradition of smoking salmon just as it was prepared at the Court of the Tsars. The recipe, having always remained secret, was passed down orally from generation to generation until being entrusted to Balik.

Today, production takes place in a pure and unspoilt environment in the Swiss mountains, an ideal place in which the salmon comes into exclusive contact with spring water, salt and wood smoke.


From the purest waters of the Scottish seas, Loch Fyne breeds oysters and salmon of extraordinary quality, with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact.

For over 30 years, Loch Fyne has been smoking its own Atlantic salmon utilising special raw materials such as spent barrels from the ageing of Scotch whisky.


The Rias Gallegas, as long stretches of sea that penetrate the land, are a privileged environment for the production of seafood. The local population is linked to the enhancement and production of “mariscos”, so much so that they have turned tin-canning into a refined cooking technique. In Cambados, on the coast of the widest of the “lower” Rías, a group of passionate gourmands founded an authentic gastronomy workshop, thus Real Conservera Española was born.

Not just molluscs but also cephalopods and small fish are carefully selected, enriched with herbs and spices then canned by hand to provide a unique gourmet experience for the eyes and palate.

Only natural ingredients are used in production, with no added additives, with the best seafood being strictly packed by hand.

Guardians of the sea

A selection of high quality fishery products from various seas, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean.

Respect for seasonality in fishing and sustainable farming techniques are fundamental requirements.