Sweet temptations

Veils of fine Valrhona chocolate, tartlets created by the celebrated Pâtisserie Chef Gerard Dubois, technical Sosa and Ravifruit purees are the cornerstones of the Pâtisserie selection.

Selecta exclusively represents the fine chocolate brand Valrhona, a legendary company founded in the 1920s by Albéric Guironnet, today B-CORP-certified for its commitment to social and environmental issues. Valrhona is constantly searching for the best cocoa with the aim of establishing long-lasting relationships with farmers. Chocolatree offers chefs and confectioners original and customisable decorations.

La Rose Noire tartlets, handmade with only the finest ingredients, are filled and decorated to become petite, authentic works of art.

With a catalogue of 1.200 references, Sosa operates alongside chefs and pâtissiers to solve technical issues in the realisation of recipes with its textures, whilst the expansion and continuous improvement of the product lines give the utmost importance to innovation and techniques in the gastronomic world.


A pioneer and point of reference in the international market, Valrhona offers the best of chocolate, convinced that by sharing experiences, it is possible to sustainably develop the world of chocolate, integrating social and environmental sustainability as an essential factor in product quality.

Valrhona travels the world in search of exceptional cocoa. The mission of experts appointed to sourcing is to select the most unique cocoa varieties and to create lasting rapports with the farmers. This collaboration renders it possible to increasingly enrich the knowledge of cocoa, to become producers in certain plantations and to innovate at each stage (cultivation, fermentation, drying) to promote the full diversity of cocoa.

Valrhona engages locally with its cocoa-producing partners, investing in the welfare of local communities and creating future cocoa cultivations with the Cacao Forest programme.

Chefs' Vanilla

The Vanilla Planifolia orchid, the vanilla flower, is still pollinated by hand in accordance with ancestral methods. Grown by an association of organic farmers, the green vanilla pods come from the Maroantsetra and Mananara regions in eastern Madagascar.

After being harvested and sorted, the pods are then processed and refined in respect of tradition. It takes more than six months to achieve the desired quality level for these uncut black vanilla pods. The bundles are divided by size and secured with raffia ties, per the traditional method.

This high-quality vanilla contains sweet, floral aromas with powerful notes of cocoa. It has a shiny appearance and is easy to work with due to its softness.


Chocolatree is the brand of witty or elegant but always inspiring decorations made with natural colours to accompany confectioners in their quest for uniqueness for their creations.

A staff of designers and pastry chefs from the Valrhona school provide pâtisserie professionals with their creative talent, experience and artistic flair to create customised decorations that render each dessert unique and special.

Chocolatree offers ready-made or customised chocolate decorations to allow pâtissiers to make creations in their own image, with a hint of fun. Endless decorations, colourings and finishes, all 100% natural, ensure each dessert is distinct. Seasonal offerings then celebrate the various times of the year whilst always offering pâtissiers something unique and special.


La Rose Noire is the range of tartlets, cones and baskets created by renowned Swiss Pastry Chef Gerard Dubois.

The products are the result of selecting the best ingredients to ensure excellent taste and a crisp texture, all meticulously produced by hand. The edges of the tartlets are thin and sharp, with the insides finely lined, as is typical of artisanal productions.

Each product can then be filled and adorned to create petit and authentic works of art.


Since its creation in 1981, Ravifruit has offered nature’s best fruit, upholding essential values such as respect for the environment, preservation and authenticity of taste, service and absolute quality.

True to its philosophy and commitment, Ravifruit looks after the entire supply chain – from cultivation in the best territories, harvesting upon the perfect ripening of the fruit, to processing according to the highest standards of quality. This is how the absolute quality of the products without the addition of flavourings, colourings and preservatives can be guaranteed.

Excellent products with an authentic and genuine taste, with the perfect mix of texture and flavour that all chefs and pâtissiers seek for their creations.


In modern gastronomy, the name Sosa has become a guarantee of innovation and quality.

Resolving the technical problem that occasionally arises in creating a recipe, without changing the natural taste of the ingredients, is Sosa’s chosen calling. Besides respecting the taste of the main ingredients, Sosa products have a strong impact on the stability and shelf life of recipes.

Founded in 1967 as a family company producing handmade biscuits and waffles, Sosa Ingredients has developed over time to become an international point of reference for the production of a broad range of products: dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, texturisers, natural plant extracts, essential oils and much more.

Technology, research and innovation allow the company to constantly expand and refine its product lines, to satisfy any request from chefs and confectioners.