Cured meats

From Culatello to Iberico

The selection of cured meats draws almost exclusively from just two countries, Italy and Spain, where the tradition of pork butchery reaches its pinnacle.

Amongst the many products selected from our country are the Slow Food Presidium Mortadella, the long-matured Prosciutto di Parma, the Salamina da Sugo from Ferrara, and the cured meats from the cellar of Podere Cadassa in the Bassa Parmense and especially Culatello di Zibello.

From Spain, the stars of the selection are the Iberian de Bellota 5J (Cinco Jotas) hams, as iconic products in world gastronomy, along with the hams and other cured meats of Casalba.

THE TRADITION OF ITALIAN PROSCIUTTO: SAN DANIELE AND PARMA encapsulates Selecta’s passion and focus on high-quality delicatessen products. An ambitious selection process is completed with services, training, consultancy and constant attention to the national pork heritage. guarantees respect for indispensable values: attention to breeding conditions, artisanal processing of carefully selected meat, respect for traditions, for the times of nature and for human skills handed down from generation to generation.


A family that has handed down its history for centuries – a history of flavours. In Colorno (Parma) stands the Podere Cadassa, a treasure trove of ancient traditions and knowledge that have been passed down and which today are proposed once more with the same respect and humility, to rediscover the authentic taste of a noble land.

For the Bergonzi family, excellence in quality is the primary objective in the production of cured meats. Culatello di Zibello DOP, Fiocchetto di Cantina and the other specialities find their utmost expression of uniqueness and taste – the pork meat, from selected farms in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, is processed by the skilful hands of local pork butchers utilising artisanal methods and without the addition of preservatives or colouring agents. Indeed, the meat is matured in natural cellars in which peace, patience and daily controls lead the typical Emilian cured meats to mature their peculiar characteristics to the full.


5J ham (Cinco Jotas)  has been produced since 1879 in Jabugo, utilising the same artisanal methods. Since that time, the experience and tradition to have rendered this product an undisputed icon of world gastronomy have been handed down.

The 100% Iberian pigs are reared in a unique environment: the Dehesa, oak forests that allow the animals to feed and live in the wild, contributing to rendering Iberian ham so unique. The territory and microclimate are key elements for rearing the pigs along with the subsequent drying and maturation of the hams.

The 5J brand is distinguished by only the best hams produced by hand in the historic Spanish factory.


Casalba combines tradition and innovation by respecting artisan recipes and production methods, combined with modern production systems that guarantee the highest quality standards.

In the foothills of the Sierra de la Demanda, in an area particularly suited to curing thanks to alternating hot summers and cold winters that are constantly ventilated, Julio Castro Alba selects the best raw materials for the production of top-quality hams and sausages.

At Casalba, ancient methods are still practiced today, such as smoking with natural oak wood braziers, the aroma of which mixes with that of other wood species typical of the area to guarantee the unique smoking of prosciutto and guanciale. Chorizo, Coppa and Cecina di Vacca, characterised by exceptional quality and a sweet flavour with a hint of smoke, are also processed and cured here.