A family affair – that is what cheese means for Mons. It all started in 1960 with Hubert Mons, the father of Hervé, who had become one of the most dynamic and popular maître fromager in France today and known worldwide. After gaining experience in Paris, he returned to his homeland Roanne, near Lyon, in the 1980s to open his first shop.

In order to offer qualitatively excellent products, he created the Saint Haon le Châtel affinage cave, where chèvre and soft cheeses are still refined to this day. With an extraordinary project, he converted an old railway tunnel into an affinage cellar – the Tunnel de la Collonge, in which the great French gruyère, such as Comté, Salers, Beaufort and Abondance come into their own. In these magical places, technology is at the service of tradition, with a complex alchemy created between environment, place and time.

Mons has always represented the union between the producer, committed to the creation of a product of excellence, and the consumer able to recognise the great gastronomic and cultural value of cheese.

In 2000, Hervé Mons was awarded the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.